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BBQ Cowboy - Papa Bear

BBQ Cowboy - Papa Bear

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Your new favorite Buffalo sauce... COWBOY is a sauce inspired by traditional Buffalo sauces, but made with unconventional ingredients. Our sauce is a flavorful blend of roasted peppers, fresh cayenne and gojuchang, a Korean condiment that brings a healthy dose of umami to this creamy sauce. Use it abundantly on your chicken wings, to enhance your burgers or simply to elegantly garnish the top of the poutine of your favorite snack! Brand: Papa Ours Degree of Spicy: 2 PEPPER(S): Cayenne, Red pepper Ingredients: Canola oil, Red pepper, Gonchujang (fermented rice paste, corn syrup, purified water, chili pepper, soy paste, alcohol, salt, wheat extract, garlic, fermented bean), White vinegar, Fresh cayenne pepper, Lemon juice, Salt, sugar, Coconut oil, Paprika, Tomato paste, Garlic, Xanthan gum Allergens: Soy, Wheat Manufacturer: Les Aliments Papa Ours Size: 350ml

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