Qu'est-ce que le filet d'épaule?

Shoulder fillet

What is shoulder fillet?

Shoulder fillet is a tender, flavorful piece of meat from the upper part of the animal, located between the neck and upper back. It is often considered one of the noblest and most appreciated cuts of meat.

Shoulder fillet is distinguished by its delicate texture and low fat content, making it a popular choice for many culinary preparations. It is often preferred for its tenderness and juiciness, providing a pleasant taste experience.

Its flesh is generally pink to dark red, with a fine, uniform texture. Shoulder fillet can be used in different ways in cooking. It can be cut into delicious slices for roasts, steaks or schnitzels. It is also often used in braised or simmered preparations, as its texture makes it particularly suitable for these longer cooking methods.

When properly prepared, shoulder fillet can be offered tender, juicy and full of flavor. It can be accompanied by various sauces, spices or marinades to enhance its taste. Aromatic herbs, garlic, red wine and vegetables are often used to enhance its natural flavors.

In summary, shoulder fillet is a delicate, tender and flavorful piece of meat, which is appreciated for its fine texture and low fat content. Whether roasted, steak or simmered, it is a quality choice for meat lovers.

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