Quebec Lamb - Refinement and Delicate Flavors

Discover the excellence of Quebec lamb at Boucherie Le Jarret Noir. We select the best cuts of lamb, from rich legs to delicate chops, to offer you products of unrivaled quality. Lamb shank and rack are also exquisite choices for sophisticated and flavorful dishes. Come to Vallée-Jonction for a unique culinary experience and let yourself be seduced by the finesse of our lamb meats.

Come explore the unique taste of Quebec lamb at Le Jarret Noir – your destination for exceptional meats.

Leg of lamb

Leg of Lamb: A juicy and tender central piece, perfect for roasts and special occasions.

Lamb shank

Lamb Shank: Soft and full of flavor, ideal for comforting simmered dishes.

Rack of lamb

Rack of Lamb: Elegance and delight in every rib, for unforgettable gourmet meals.

Lamb chop

Lamb Chop: Small in size but big in taste, perfect for grilling and impressing your guests.