Quebec Chicken - Freshness and Quality for Every Dish

At Boucherie Le Jarret Noir, we take care to select the best chicken in Quebec, offering a variety of cuts to satisfy all tastes. From tender chicken breast to succulent skewers, each cut is carefully prepared to ensure freshness and quality. Our chicken thighs and drumsticks are also popular choices for a variety of recipes.

Visit our butcher shop in Vallée-Jonction to discover the richness and diversity of our chicken from Quebec - Your source for fresh and tasty meats.

Chicken breast

Chicken Breast: Perfectly tender, ideal for grilling, sautéing or baking.

Chicken Leg Top

Chicken Thigh: Juicy and rich in flavor, perfect for your stews and grills.

Chicken kebab

Chicken Skewer: Tasty pieces on a stick, ready for a successful barbecue.

Chicken drumstick

Chicken Drumstick: Crispy and tender, ideal for frying or marinating.