Our Excellence Sausages

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  • A unique butchery experience

    Looking for a unique butchery experience? Do not look any further! We offer you a specialized service with personalized cuts to meet all your gastronomic needs.

  • Sound advice

    Receive sound advice on the choice of meats and their cooking method! We're here to guide you, helping you choose the perfect cut and giving you tips to enhance every bite.

  • Prepared dishes

    Dive into a wonderful variety of carefully prepared dishes! Deliciously concocted dishes await you, ready to amaze your taste buds.

  • Homemade products

    Savor authenticity with our homemade products! From irresistible jerky to melting creton, from crispy bacon to homemade spaghetti sauce, we offer you a selection of delights prepared with love and expertise.

  • Exceptional meats

    Discover our exceptional meats:

    • 3A Angus beef for incomparable tenderness.
    • Air-cooled grain-fed chicken, ensuring exceptional natural flavor.
    • Quebec pork, a source of local quality and tradition.
  • A gastronomic journey

    At Boucherie Le Jarret Noir, each culinary experience is a celebration of quality, freshness and unparalleled taste. Come visit us and let us take you on a unique gastronomic journey!

    Succumb to perfection at Boucherie Le Jarret Noir - where the passion for meat meets the art of cooking!

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