Notre creton, un produit maison très apprécié de nos clients.

Our creton, a homemade product very popular with our customers.

Creton is a traditional dish of Quebec origin, Canada. It is particularly popular in the province of Quebec. Its preparation is made from finely chopped pork, slowly cooked with spices and seasonings, then mixed with pork fat to create a sort of pâté with a creamy texture. This preparation is often served on bread as a spread, usually at breakfast.
The recipe for creton can vary from region to region, and each family may have its own version. The basic ingredients are pork, onions, garlic, spices like cloves and cinnamon, and pork fat. Everything is cooked slowly until tender and the flavors blend. Once cooled, the creton becomes firmer and can be sliced ​​to serve on bread.
Creton is a dish that evokes the traditional cuisine of Quebec and is often associated with the culture and history of this region. It can be enjoyed in different ways, for example with mustard or jam, and is loved for its rich taste and comforting character.
If you want to taste quality creton, you absolutely have to try the one from Boucherie Le Jarret Noir.
Here's what our customers are saying:
  • “Excellent creton, well done”, Denis C.
  • “Excellent creton, I just bought some”, “we went back to buy 4”, Steve Perreault.
  • “Already a pot of vide, it’s excellent”, Jérôme Perreault
  • “He’s super good!”, Solange Poulin
  • And our favorite comment: "I only bought 1...what a mistake, Monday I'm going back for a few dishes and once I get to my new place I'll go more often", Michel Forcier
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