Quebec Beef - Excellence and Flavor in Every Cut

Boucherie Le Jarret Noir invites you to explore our selection of Quebec beef. We offer an array of exquisite cuts, from ground beef to delicate beef tartare, prime rib roast and savory short ribs.

Each piece is chosen for its superior quality and unrivaled taste, representing the best of local breeding. Visit us in Vallée-Jonction to discover flavors that will enhance your meals and receive personalized advice from our butchery experts.

Come savor the authenticity of Quebec beef at Le Jarret Noir – your destination for exceptional meats.

Ground beef

Ground beef from Quebec: Fresh and versatile, ideal for your hamburgers, sauces and more.

Beef stew

Beef Stew: Richly flavored, perfect for your stews and comforting meals.

Prime Rib Roast

Roast Prime Rib: A majestic piece for festive meals, tender and juicy.

Beef End of Rib

Beef End of Rib: Tasty and moist, a must for meat lovers.

Bovine Tartar

Beef Tartare: Freshness and finesse, an elegant preparation for refined palates.