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BBQ Teddy - Papa Bear

BBQ Teddy - Papa Bear

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A delicious blend of mustard and honey... whether to marinate your grilled meats or simply brush your pieces of meat and vegetables when cooking on the barbecue, TEDDY sauce is exquisite. Slightly sweet, don't hesitate to replace traditional mustard with a little Teddy in all your recipes. Impress your guests by serving it with sausages, chicken drumsticks or mixed with mayonnaise to serve as a dip for your vegetables or for a Chinese fondue. ** Gluten Free Brand: Papa Ours Degree of Spicy: 0 PEPPER(S): None Ingredients: Sugars (brown sugar, honey, liquid sugar, molasses), Tomato paste, White vinegar, Mustard seeds, Canola oil, Vinegar cider, Salt, Spices Allergens: Mustard Manufacturer: Les Aliments Papa Ours Format: 350ml

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